Saturday, March 2, 2013

1 week away

In just one week we will be celebrating Tossie's 1/2 Birthday in Heaven... I feel a heaviness but at the same time I am feeling at peace. I wish I could be giving her a wonderful Princess and the Pea party complete with photo shoot. But I can't. I won't be.

Just this week we ordered Buddy's new top for his sippy. It was supposed to come with Tossie's and we would just switch his and hers tops... it is what we did with him and Bee. But instead we had to purchase the lid... 

We will be celebrating Tossie's 1/2 birthday... but instead of her getting to eat her first food, getting her first spoon, getting her own set of dishes, and getting her baby blue Klean Kanteen (sippy cup); she will be getting a cake, balloon release and a her name book added to!

If you would like to join us... it doesn't have to be physically here, anywhere is great! Have some cake, release a balloon or write her name...In the sand, in pebbles, in shells, on a balloon, on a cake, a flower, an leaf, in the snow, on a rock, on a piece of paper... just get creative. Take a photo and send it to us!
We just would like you to remember Tossie with us for her 1/2 birthday in Heaven

Just thought I might share Bee's and Buddy's 1/2 birthday photos...

Bee's 1/2 Birthday
(we also had a sheet cake in vanilla, this wasn't the only cake!)
(( and as you can see we hadn't made the jump to more natural food yet :) ))

Buddy's 1/2 Birthday
( his 1/2 birthday was the day after 4th of July... and Daddy was in Basic Training... made sense to have a red, white and blue theme. oh and the blueberries were picked fresh at a farm by us!)

Tossie's cake was going to be a 'stack' of mattresses cut down the middle, with the pea setting at it's place in the middle. I don't know if I can still do that or not...

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