Saturday, March 2, 2013

Patch's Visit

Patch arrived at our house on Tuesday February the 19th and he came with a gift of an angel bear and pinwheel from Miss Shauna at Pinwheels from Heaven for our Tossie.

This is the first thing Patch helped us do... That is an ice luminary I made. I used it for Hanna's 1 year in Heaven! 

That day was also Bo's 3 months in Heaven! So Patch helped with that as well.
(Note that that is not snow... it is ice! We were in an ice storm and other storms while Patch was here)
and yes it was raining ice while taking these photos :)

Here Patch is at Tossie's Tree at sunrise! Look at all that ice...

While Patch was here he got to help me with Noah's Rock at Sunrise...

Here he is at the Creek where I take the creek rock photos... That day was Luke's day. His rock is the one on the left. And Miss Shauna if you look closely at  the rock near the top... it's Janessa and Hope's Rock! 

Can you find Patch?
(he is hiding behind a tree on the other bank of the creek)

Was able to capture this beauty when I climbed up from the creek...

Patch watching me work while I snapped a few more photos... He is sitting where my other kiddies do when they go with me to the creek. They love throwing the gumdrops in the creek :)

Here he is on the other side of the creek from behind the tree he was hiding behind... 

This tree is between the Creek and Tossie's Tree... I thought it was a cute photo op!

Before he left Patch sat up on Tossie's shelf... This is the box Daddy made for Tossie. The owls were in the memory box that Kit's Muse sent us. Bee set them up there with Tossie.

We had a great visit with Patch... My kiddies didn't want to see him go.
Now he is on his way to see Hannah Rose!

Patches The Bear
Click on Patch to learn how to get a visit from him!


  1. So Cute!!! Looks like Patch had a wonderful time at your home. Love all the beautiful pictures! <3

  2. Patch looks like he is doing some wonderful work! All of the photos of him are so cute! <3

  3. Thank you for hosting Patch. I've updated his blog with a link to this post. :)