Friday, March 29, 2013

Scattered Thoughts

My mind seems to be everywhere...

This is Tossie's new Teddy Bear sent from Kenley's mommy... The blankie was Tossie's from the hospital.

One of the few mornings I was able to get out... this was about a week ago!

Love this photo...

And this one too!

Homemade tapioca pudding with toasted coconut... Yummy!

A sunrise painting... painted one night when I didn't go to bed til 3 am...

This is one of the other paintings I did that night... I also did 2 more... the following night I did 5 more!

My Bee asked me for donuts... so we made some and topped them with my homemade fudge frosting! I entered these in a recipe contest on Facebook which ends tomorrow... I am currently in 3rd place! 70 points behind the winner...

This is a photo of the sun rising from behind the shop where my hubby works...

The moon... so beautiful!

Noah's family celebrated his 5 years in Heaven this week.

Some necklaces I made...

There is a farm in our town... my kids love to go and look at this cute creatures!

Took a 3 mile walk with the kiddies yesterday... had to snap a photo when the sun was shining

Talking to my daughter about the water and rocks and just listening to the wonderful sound of running water...

There was this awesome tree with peeling bark growing by the creek...

A lone leaf stuck in some brush... from a distance it looked like a heart

 I love haybales!

Such a beautiful sound...

An old fence to an old farm... such beauty

Yesterday, was Carleigh's 4 years in Heaven...

Last night the family got to help with hay... hay is fun! If you have never thrown a bale and jumped in a pile of it... You really should!
This morning I baked some fresh homemade bread and made some flower arrangements for the church's sunrise service for Sunday...
Tonight, we are going to go decorate the church for the breakfast after the sunrise service and maybe do some more haying...

My thoughts are still very scattered... Maybe I need a nap :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tossie's Beanie

This came in the mail today! An owl beanie from Beanie 4 a Baby.

When you request you tell her what reminds you of your baby (not what beanie you want) and she adds your angel's name to the beanie that speaks to her of your angel. You pay the shipping.

Beanie 4 a Baby is to honor her angel Timothy.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy 3rd Angel Birthday Lily!

(my other project is on rain check)

(hashbrowns for her due date March 14th)

(Pink Velvet cake... Before it was iced...)

Happy Birthday Lily! We have much love and many hugs for your Momma. She is always in our prayers.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Giveaway on Rose and Her Lily

The beautiful Hannah Rose is doing a triple giveaway in honor of Lily's 3rd Angel Birthday, go on over and take a look.

Tossie's 1/2 Birthday

From Mandi

From Tina

From Shauna

From RyAnne

From Molly

From Heather

From Catherine

From Kayla

From Gale

The rainbow we saw on the way home!

Her cake was Princess and the Pea theme... There is the pearl pea sprinkle

I added monograms to the pillows...

A view of the mattresses and bed skirt topped with the blue and pink comforter...

The top view of her half birthday cake!
As soon as I heard we were having a little girl... I started planning a Princess and the Pea party with Bee.
I am glad that I was able to make the cake... I didn't finish til almost 8 pm last night! Started at 7 am and baked the cake... then went to church and Sunday Family Dinner... went for a walk with hubby... we headed home and stopped for a movie... that is when we saw the rainbow! We headed home and ate pizza, watched the movie and I got to see all the wonder gifts that my friends had done for Tossie! Then I went and finished her cake...Daddy asked that I put the pillows on the bed... Bee said pink pillows... I wanted the monograms. When it was done, I cried. Wishing I could have done it for her, with her here.

Over all it was a blessed day... Thank you to all who remembered Tossie with us!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

6 Month Rose

(taken March 9, 2013) 

On the wall of the overlook at Devil's Elbow overlooking the the river...
I stopped there after visiting GLWACH, the hospital where I delivered Tossie. I went to drop of the Hope Packages and Boxes to the hospital yesterday. It was a good visit...

Happy 1/2 Birthday in Heaven my Tossie!