Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day of Hope ~ Part 2

These flowers were donated by a local floral shop for our Day of Hope Ceremony

Bee placed flowers on the water before we started

Catherine's flag at sunset

My flag

Each momma brought a flag...

Last glimpse of the sun...

another mommas flag...

another momma's flag... I very recently met this momma

this one had the most writing on it...

All of them together

a momma brought this one with her for a family member...

the last prayer flag...

One of the rituals/projects we did was flower confetti...
 This one is a solid orange rose, so beautiful

Placed by a little 2 year old girl who came with her momma (who placed the orange rose)

Another momma's flowers

This flower was special to one momma... so glad it was given to us!

one momma's flowers

another shot of the orange rose along with the orange flower I placed

Isn't it just beautiful!?! 
So glad the moon came out

A wider shot of the petals on the water
And yes, I placed the pink rose!

The mommas with there candles and the kiddies with their glow sticks

All the candles together

A few of the rocks painted


A group shot before we took the flags down
You can't see out faces really, but I think that is what makes it great!

I am so glad that we had this ceremony...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day of Hope ~ Part 1

Saw bunches of these beauties on the way to Tossie's Tree

I love to see dewdrops on spiderwebs
New acorns

Sunrise (a little late due to my son thinking that midnight is when you wake up)

Gabriel Sloan, Much love Catherine!
 I was honored to hang Gabriel's flag <3

Tossie's Prayer Flag at Sunrise <3

I made Tossie's flag out of canvas, it is a rough material but it represents how painting helped me in this journey. The ruffle is made out of the material that I decorated her onesie with. The flower looks like her headband, it isn't, I made another just for the flag. Her name and date is painted on. The butterfly is from a fabric I had made a dress for Bee out of and the body is another piece of Tossie's blue gingham. I also added a special touch just for her name...

A close up of her name

a closer look at her flag...

Nathaniel's Angelversary 9

Happy 9 years Nathaniel!

So sorry it was posted late...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

11 months

April 2013 Rose with Wild Violet Jelly that I canned

May 2013 Rose shown with one of the Yellow Carnations (I had 2, 1 flower for each of my Kiddies) I was given for Mother's Day. 

June 2013 Rose

July 2013 Rose inside my daughter's newly painted play house.

August 2013 Rose...

I miss her, sometimes the feeling consumes me and other times it brings a smile to my face because I have someone so amazing that it hurts to miss her. I know that may sound weird to some, but I do know others that have said the same.

I spent most of the 10th at MamaFest... I worked at the Rainbow table (Support Group table) handing out flyers and offer Mommas a chance to make a bauble charm in honor of the Baby(s) that they had lost. I also had some Mommas and other women ask to make charms that they could give to Mommas they knew had lost a baby and others asked to make some to donate to the Healing Hands for Hope packages. 

These are the donated charms... Are they not beautiful? Some of these were donated by Loss Mommas in honor of their baby(s).

I had a Hope Package displayed on the table so that they could see what went into the bags... some had heard of what I had started but didn't know what was really going on. I had 10 women sign up as volunteers! It is wonderful to see this taking off!

A local doctor even came to my booth asking questions about Rainbow and asked if we offer Hope Packages to the local hospital. When I told her that the hospital said there wasn't a need for our services, she looked shocked. She couldn't believe it. She took some information with her with a smile, saying "Thank you for taking the time to talk with me".

Over all, I had a great time and met some wonderful mommas and was able to spread the word in order to help others. 

A very good way to spend Tossie's 11th month in Heaven

Friday, August 9, 2013

Leyna's Angelversary 1

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours, Charlotte!

Happy 1 year in Heaven beautiful Leyna.