Friday, April 11, 2014

In a Daze or Light and Color?

Lately life has seemed so dazed and dizzy... It's been hard to see the light or to paint... I have felt like I am being pulled in so many directions that I don't know which way is up.

But I think that when I put my brushes down for a break, that was when I stopped looking for the light... I have picked up the brushes a few times, but couldn't seem to paint because I had gone too long without Light.

I saw the Wild and Free Challenge from Wild Feathers Vintage and it was like... You need to find your Light again!
At first I couldn't but then I caught a glimpse that really spoke to me...

A little bit of Light trying to get through... you just had to look at it to see it. And look I did!
Those beautiful flowers helped me to see the beauty of Light that can almost blind you, well at least make you see spots... But those rain clouds with the sun trying to get through... really touched my heart. I hope you see the beauty in that little light coming through...

After seeing Light... Color had a whole new story to tell...

This is me... after an hour at a Color Splash for Celebration of Colors!

Yes, I do believe that I see Light and Color differently these days.

How about you? Have you been looking for Light? Or how about Color?