My name is Kyla
and welcome to Tossie's Tree.
This is me sitting at Tossie's Tree at sunrise. We call it Tossie's because this is where we held her balloon release... where I go almost every morning... where I go to pray, photograph the painted rocks, and sometimes to just sit.

Meet the family!
This is Bee, Kyla (me), Aron and Bud
and this is Tossie!

I hope to honor her memory with the painted rocks and provide a small amount of comfort to other families.


  1. What a beautiful and loving way to honor Tossie and your grief! You're so talented, Kyla. :)

  2. What a beautiful & precious picture of Tossie. You have a wonderful family and a special way to help others.

  3. Tossie is such a Beautiful little Angel <3 Thank you For all that you do <3