Prayer Paintings


One night, I couldn't sleep, so I started painting...
This is my painting
I call these Prayer Paintings because I pray before painting, but sometimes there are no words. I just paint and that becomes my prayer. I painted the week I came home from the hospital... I needed to paint. To create. To pray.

My first set of paintings are rough. I painted them with the pain and love that I felt.
I painted because I did not know what to pray.

Journey... speaks of my journey since the death of my Tossie.
Blossom: I painted when I heard a dear friend was pregnant the same week my Tossie died.
Changing Winds: The confusion I felt after my loss. I felt empty, saw darkness but yet beauty and light, felt empty and yet strangely whole sometimes...
Rebirth: The way I felt when I saw the beauty that could be born in the Spring of my Life even when I still felt the pain of death.
Walking With: This painting grew out of my yearning to walk with other mommas.

To request a custom prayer painting for you in your walk of grief after the loss of your beautiful child(ren) please email me at
These are much harder than the rocks. They require me getting to know you, your pain, your peace, your journey. It is an honor to paint for you, but please note it isn't easy. And no two paintings will be the same. While some may be similar, there will not be two of the same.

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