These have been so helpful... Some for keepsakes and others are really good reads! ~ Offers stories, support, and resources ~ offers support and care packages to baby loss families. My daughter claimed the bear they sent us as her Tossie bear! ~ Offers a custom made candle with your baby's photo on it Online community and artistic outlet. Her 31 Day Challenge was amazing and helped me greatly. She also has some amazing artwork! ~ gave us a care package with a box large enough to keep mementos in and sent 2 owls for the kiddies ~ sent us a beautiful hankie
To Request a Handkerchief ~ you sign up for an ornament swap. Mommas helping Mommas through the holidays ~ Online community where you can share your story and find advice. ~ Online community ~ Support, Lovenotes, and photo retouching. ~ a beautiful bracelet for baby loss mommas and a great page!
(this is my bracelet) ~ will release a butterfly in honor of your angel and photograph it
(this is Tossie's butterfly) weighted bear... Now has a $20 request fee a handmade heart that weighs the same as your child Birth Certificate Necklace
(this is my necklace... make sure you choose a charm! She added mine afterward, but please make sure you pick out when you submit the form) Sand Treasures Flower photo Photo Pendents with your child's photo
(Tossie's photo on a charm) Prayer shawl a plate made with you child's info and footprints
(the plate they sent me with her footprints!) Child's name spelt out of clay Name written in the sand of Hawaii or written on a shell and shipped home Photos of a pinwheel with your child's name Custom Memorial Blocks - Name in the sand of Hawaii

 Free 4 week e-course for photography

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