Tossie's Name

 roses we received from Hubby's unit...
 Her 2nd monthaversary rose...
 From Tina
Painted Rock at Sunrise

From Kit's Muse

From Carly Marie Project Heal

 Blocks from Fairy Godmother and photo by me!
Metal Pebble from the memory box from Project Sweet Peas

From CarlyMarie Project Heal. Seashore of Remembrance. 

From Crissy
 From Joe and Dee Breen of

From Catherine while in Italy!

From Catherine of

From Alisha of Angel Babies

From Rhonda

From Brandy of 

From Shauna of

From Andrea from The Remembrance Swap
Her name is on the back :)

I know this isn't her name but still!

From Catherine

From Anna

From Danielle

From Nicole 

From Kayla

From Shawnda
Rose Petal in the Creek

Creek and Rock photo

From Kayla at Unexpected Miracle

From Mandi at Written in the Stars

6 month rose... Taken at Devil's Elbow

From Larisa at Held Your Whole Life

From Catherine

From Kayla

From Mandi

From Catherine

From Shauna

From Tina

From Heather

From RyAnne

From Shauna

From Molly

From Gale

From Catherine (Alaska)

From CarlyMarie's Seashore of Remembrance

From Catherine's 

From Catherine

From Catherine

From CarlyMarie's Seashore of Remembrance
Hubby chose this one!

From Hannah Rose

From Lisa's Hawaiian
Waikiki Sunset

From Catherine

From Catherine


  1. Replies
    1. I really wanted one and was so thrilled when I found it in the memory box!

  2. I love all your beautiful photos in memory of Tossie. Each one is unique & lovely.